As NurYap İnşaat, our primary purpose is to provide services with utmost service standards and ensure unconditional target group satisfaction. Perfection is not an option but a requirement of our work. We commit to realize the principles below in each area we are currently or will be active in:


  • To meet our target group’s quality, price, delivery period and high standard expectations without any issue
  • Present accurate responses to our target group and the sector within the scope of quality management processes
  • By smart use of time, to conduct a standard quality management policy in accordance with measurable and attainable goals
  • By providing design, material, workmanship and service quality for each completed project of ours, to reach the highest level of quality
  • By fulfilling quality requirements in intra corporate communication, to provide an harmonious team work
  • To provide preeminence for the quality element in intracompany training
  • To reach quality targets by fully carrying out all the corporate and personal obligations
  • To continue with activities which will provide continuous improvement of the effectiveness of Quality Management System
  • To fulfill legal conditions and the conditions of legislation and employer contract fully.