As NurYap İnşaat proceeds with its project activities at the highest level of quality, it also aims for the protection of the natural environment. In accordance with this objective, we are committed to realize the principles below, related to the environment we have borrowed from future generations, in each area we are already or will be active in;


  • To prevent water and ground contamination with our conscious and sensitive project activities
  • To observe the currently effective legal legislation, administrative arrangements related to the environment and the inherent rules
  • To ensure the realization of project implementation activities with the least amount of environmental impact
  • To use environment friendly inputs in our activities within the framework of corporate consciousness and principles
  • To display the necessary care for the most effective use of natural resources within the scope of project activities and in conjunction, necessary care for resource conservation and recycling
  • To provide the necessary training-education and training justifications in order to have employees working for our establishment, suppliers and our subcontractors attain environmental consciousness. .