To enable these lands which have hosted different civilizations and cultures for centuries and which has the highest strategic value due to its geographical location, gain new living spaces is a big responsibility. As NurYap İnşaat, we felt this responsibility in each project we had social life gain. We wanted each project, each work we had our society gain to be as beautiful as İstanbul and we never compromised esthetically for this purpose. In regard to each work we have or will build, in consideration of our goal with the principle to present high quality for both this distinguished country’s lands and also for the people who lead their lives on these lands, we continue with our project activities with steady steps.

As NurYap İnşaat, the most important fact we place importance on is “reliability”. Reliability became an irreplaceable value for us regarding establishments and people. We placed this feeling on the target point of our commercial standing and always felt proud to be trusted.

We try each project to be definitely ahead of the previous one and present our customers the capabilities of current technologies and comfort. Consequently this brings us a step closer to the future and we aim to present you with the best. By aiming a quality life style in our building projects and by blending experience, dynamism and innovation we create living spaces that would meet all needs of our customers/target group.

As NurYap, by presenting project that shape living from the past to the present and the future, we experience the justified pride of a company which adds quality to living spaces and presents all the beautiful things you can imagine to their minute details, far beyond a place to live in, in these projects and a company which conducts research for people oriented, most comfortable, most people, most modern, most esthetic homes, shopping centers and shopping malls and which builds brand new living spaces with these work where life is shaped.

We work meticulously in our area of expertise, the construction sector within the framework of corporate accountability, societal environmental consciousness and target group satisfaction to always present the highest quality without compromising technology, quality and reliability.


Yours Truly

Message From The Management